#OOTD Knit Beanie & Reason


Reason for the Season winter in muted tones

We love collaborating with really neat little social media based small shops. This season we have received quite a few beautifully made, high quality items from a number of shops. We always provide photographs in our signature style – which is what we do as a Brand Rep mom and baby duo – in exchange for the items. We love that collaborations and bring us together with new brands. Today’s OOTD highlights two brands we have not worked with in the past. We highly recommend checking each one out on Instagram should you get the chance.


Knit Beanie from Chipmunk And Company

Today’s outfit includes a beanie, hand knitted by Chipmunk and Company. Chipmunk and Company is a one mom shop. All of her items are hand knit with love in every loop. She takes up to five hours to complete a single beanie depending on how cooperative her kiddos are being! So, the next time you consider a HANDMADE item and fret a tad over the price tag, note your own take home hourly rate and work that out for the handmade item you are hoping to purchase. I see the value, especially when the item is as perfect as, if not more so, any machine made, mass produced item you find in the big box stores – in fact the beanie we received from Chipmunk and Company is BETTER than any machine made item we have purchased. It’s soft, the color is rich and the stitching is perfect. Plus the fit is great – not too tight around Liam’s little melon, and slouched exactly how we like it in the back.

Chipmunk and Company is having an RTS (Ready to Ship Sale) today, so check them out on Instagram here and score yourself some hand knitted goodness!


Beau Hudson plaid scarf

Today’s plaid scarf is a staple from Beau Hudson. We started out our IG adventure with a nice collection of Beau Hudson beanies. They carry a line which offers beanies for sizes newborn through adult. This scarf was scored during a big sale and we hadn’t had an opportunity to wear it until now. Winter just hasn’t settled on Minnesota like it usually does. But anyway, the scarf bore the same muted fall tones as the beanie and our tee so I found it to be the perfect match! Beau Hudson is based out of Australia, but they offer free shipping on orders over a certain price point PLUS the exchange rate makes the items less expensive in USD! WOOHOO!


Reason for The Season tee from Halo Collective

Reason for the Season…. In a world of consumer madness, Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, Small Business Saturdays, I find that the message of Christmas is often lost. Christmas is, after all, a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Christmas isn’t Santa and Elf on the Shelf, or presents, or stuff… It’s hard to find the balance. I, being Catholic, and choosing to raise my children Catholic, find that even as a “believer” I can become totally consumed in consumerism (HA!). Don’t get me wrong – we do the silly Elf on a Shelf, and Santa brings gifts… But I love that there are brands out there spreading the message of CHRISTmas as a reminder that, for those of us who are Christians, we need to perpetuate the message of Jesus’s birth and the joy his life and teachings have brought to our own lives, not just he Joy of a new handbag, hoverboard or Apple Watch!


Liam practicing SHARING!

Halo Collective, home of the ORIGINAL custom Name Definition Tee, is also known as a Christ centered brand – a brand with a message – offering graphic tees and such which help us bring a little bit of these messages to our everyday lives in the gear we choose to put on our kiddos, or ourselves. Little Liam, in his Reason for the Season, tee from Halo Collective, might just remind some stranger we pass in Target, or someone waiting in line at the Walgreens, to ponder quietly what this time of year really represents for those of us who’ve been blessed by a Christian life.


Distressed denim from EnV Denim

Per usual Liam is sporting his rad EnV Denim brand distressed baby jeans. Vera is busy busy busy with here denim shop, and it’s good to note that she always lists her current turn around times on her Etsy as an FYI to shoppers. Handmade sometimes means a little lead time is needed by the shop owner.

Make sure to check out the cool brands in today’s OOTD and give the a follow on Social Media or check them out on their websites.


Courtney & Liam

Mocc Boots from Gracious May



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