#OOTD WhipperSnapper


What? No turkey?! One more day, you say? Ugh!

Liam is a total old man baby. I mean he looks like he should have a tiny walker or cane. When he was born I looked at him and thought, “My God he looks EXACTLY like his dad!” And not that Brian is super old man-ish or anything, but he isn’t twenty anymore (well, neither am I for that matter). But seriously, Liam makes little old man faces and in one instant can flip from looking like a baby to looking like B or even like B’s dad, Poppa Gerry.

Oh little old man Liam, this shirt is perfect not only because you ARE a Whippersnapper, but also because I imagine you saying it, “Awwwww, those whippersnappers…” in a little old man voice I’ve given you using my own imagination!

So, WhipperSnappersUSA makes super cute graphic tees, but they also make leggings and beanies of the most impressive quality. The fabrics are deeply dyed and the craftsmanship is beautiful. And the best part, they are handmade by a mama shop owner who loves her craft and wants to put out the best product she can to grow her business and encourage repeat charge card offenders – I mean repeat purchases! Done and done.


Pom trucker hat from George Hats

And our hat… Can you say, “Pom pom, have it your way?!” I don’t know what it is about the word “Pom Pom” but I can’t get enough. In fact I’ve been obsessed with getting a new dog to name Pom-Pom ever since Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D list, but I digress… George Hats runs their small business on the Etsy platform. They offer a variety of hats for activities requiring everything from sun shade to warmth. And the best part? they have a Pom Pom Add-on option! Yes you shopping mamas, you can add one big fuzzy pom to the top of any hat, or try the two mini pom option to create a topper that will give your kiddo a darling “bear-like” look. George Hats are custom made and come in a variety of colors and styles as well as the uses mentioned above. So wether you are in sunny SoCal or chilly Minnie you can find a George Hats to suit your weather and adorableness needs!

Check out both George Hats and WhipperSnappersUSA on Instagram (@WhipperSnappersUSA and @George_Hats) or on their Websites. I bet you’ll find some information about Black Friday steals and deals to boot!


Check out the links to our other cool OOTD items

Other cool items in today OOTD include denim from out very favorite denim designer EnVDenim, red patent Dr. Maretn’s purchased from Alex and Alexa (they are having a sale right now too!) and a super cool monochrome with a pop of red teething necklace form the ever so popular brand Shop Glitter & Spice which had their cookie teether featured in swag bags at this years Emmy Awards. Snag yours and any other items you pop in your bag by 12/1 for a 30% discount! See deets on their IG here.


Liam doing his very best Drunk Uncle in preparation for Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Lastly I have to say I tend to purge the photos with Liam making total Old Man goofy faces when I’m editing, but this one here… This one I had to keep. First of all it’s priceless. Second, it instantly reminded me of Drunk Uncle from SNL’s Weekend Update and I had to post it. Bobby Moynihan’s obnoxious and brazen Drunk Uncle is one of my all-time favorite characters from Saturday Night Live. He’s brash and inappropriate and he bursts out in song quickly followed by blubbering tears… And he leaves me in tears of my own almost every sketch I watch featuring his antics. I don’t know if it’s Liam’s little old man look or what, but I’m happy to have my own mini Drunk Uncle to bring along to Thanksgiving this year. I hope he recreates this face!


Courtney & Liam

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