#OOTD Hella Cute Babe

I NEED to preface this post with a note: I had not figured out my studio lighting when I shot these photos. Please excuse the overly warm hue and any blurry limbs (LOL). I have since improved, but I do owe the items a posting. In the future there may be a couple other posts where the quality was not my best, but it took me two or three shoots to get the lighting right and we photograph a couple outfits per shoot…. Ugh. BUT the clothes are still adorable and you get the “picture”.


#OOTD: Beanie NOXXaz, Bibdana CopperPearl, Tee Popology_, Denim EnV_Denim, Moccs TinyBabySoles, Lovie SnugiPops

Cheeky tees are so much fun, especially on a baby. I generally don’t go for the ones featuring explicit profanity (F**K or S**T – that kind of thing)… But Hella is just a word to express EXTREME and Liam is EXTREMELY cute in this mom’s opinion. Liam agrees.

When we were selected to rep Popology_ last spring I was still working and I literally leapt out of my chair in my cube and squealed with joy. My darling coworkers acted very happy for me and were very congratulatory, even if they thought I was cray cray. It was super cool as Popology_ had exploded on the scene with her animal necklaces. After a brief hiatus Popology_ is back and ready to take on the next season. We are hella excited!


CopperPear Bibdana

Neckwear that absorbs baby spittle is a must, but it needs to be stylish as well as functional. We became part of the CopperPearl family a few months back and we can’t say enough good about their beautiful bibs. The fabrics and designs are totally rocking, they are lined with absorbent fleece which makes them oh so functional and the price point makes them a super value. Four packs available on amazon for under $18-25. YES!! And for those moms wondering they wash up wonderfully (even the ones that have gone through my dryer cycle!). CopperPearl just launched their own website and its just as clean and beautifully designed as their bibdanas. Check it out!


These EnVDenim jeans, though!

EnVDenim was one of the first bands to pick us up. I adore hardworking mama Vera who has little ones, works full-time and I think she must distress denim in her sleep because if she doesn’t I don’t know when she does it. But no matter because they are amazing! every pari we have purchased starts with a high quality name brand denim which Vera bleaches, rips, sandpapers, tears, dyes and adds patches to make the most stylish designs around. We often are seen in the skinniest styles because Liam is such a trim little guy, plus they look awesome with boots!


Love me some TinyBabySoles moccs!

TinyBabySoles makes some of the most darling little moccs, and I especially love their printed designs. This little mustache pair are too cute if you mustache me (Ha!). They are on a brief break right now as mama owner Emily just welcomed a new baby boy to their family! Congrats, mama and we’ll be following along to see all the cute pics of Rylan. The shop will be open for Black Friday so stay tuned!!


Look out! SnugiPops coming your way!!

If you ask me I think this whole Instagram Shops thing started with the Australians. They have some of the most fashion forward and adorable shops around. SnugiPops is an Australian brand featuring baby comforters or lovies. This little batboy inspired lovie is perfect for those times Liam needs a little snuggle or something to gnaw on since he’s not a paci kind of kid. the little knots are perfect for the kid who prefers soft fabric for teething, just like my little Liam Beaver. Snugi has also visited out washing machine and made it out unscathed! Kudos to brands creating items we can accidentally launder!


Pom Beanie goodness from NOXXaz

Pom Beanie, anyone?! Once again a super design from NOXXaz. We dig hats here in Minnesota, mainly because we have to or our heads would freeze 6 months out of the year, and pom beanies are a fave. Style with a little bit of cuteness attached! NOXXaz Drops new styles every Sunday evening so check them out tonight at 6PM EST for #noxxdropsundays and you will be the first to try and snag some of their limited and latest designs. Use code: LIAMX to save 10% off your order!

I’ve been doing a lot of wiring this weekend and my little arms are hella tired (or maybe that was from my FXB workout yesterday, but thats a story for another blog post)… But, no matter, this mama is off to snap some pics and hang with her boys. Happy Sunday Fun Day to you all!


Courtney & Liam ♥