#OOTD Tell Me A Story


Cozy and comfy our new KidandKind nap blanket is a HUGE hit

In this little community there are times when shops experience hardship. Manufacturing orders run late, inventory is off, customers are left feeling disappointed, confused and worried about their purchases. Having followed Kid and Kind almost from the start of our Brand Repping journey I never thought they would see as difficult and as heartbreaking a drop as their A/W 2015 line Drop 1. But the best thing about stories told, is that you can give them a happy ending.


Toga Toga Toga

I ordered a number of things the moment the drop opened. My things didn’t come within the same quick turnaround time I had experienced in the past with Kid and Kind. But it WAS a pre-order and they often carry wait times of a few weeks, so I wasn’t overly concerned. Shop owner Jacquelyn was very communicative. She let her following know things were not happening according to plan. She posted on her feed providing details about the delays and when she hoped items would arrive. As she had before, she told us all that she had put everything she had into her brand, a single mother living with her own parents to make sure her brand succeeded. I love her strength. I would have folded under the pressure of uncertainty.


Tell me a Holiday story

But the inventory came in, albeit not entirely when she expected it, but the quality… Oh my, I am so excited about the pieces we received. The fabric is soft and warm, and the designs are Kid and Kind signature – child like and whimsical. Tell Me A Story… I have one about the cozy nap blanket Liam is snuggling up to every chance he gets. And one about our OOTD sweatshirt, paired perfectly for the season with reds and greens. Keep it up Kid and Kind, I can’t wait to see what you create next!


EnVDenim always brings the style and quality!

Liam’s OOTD denim is of course from EnVDenim. This pair is accented with red faux leather patches which are bright and joyous. I love the way that these jeans offer a variety of styling opportunities including using them for a POP of red when pairing with black and white, or in this instance, using them for a perfect seasonal ensemble. Vera’s craftsmanship is again beyond expectations and we are ready to rock this pair of denim through the Holiday season and beyond.


I die. This hat, thought. Eeeeeek!

Hats are something we always have on our fuzzy little cotton ball head, and there are a variety of handmade hat shops our there, just right for your perfect look. I think I first saw a NaniHats knit bomber on Obi, son of the mama behind the duo @AliciaAdnan. Obi kills it daily and that hat… I quickly found NaniHats and have been hooked ever since. I’m a sucker for pom poms and they make the most adorable oversized pom pom bombers and double pom knit hats with long tassels… Oh, I swoon. Sorry I got lost in that yarn for a moment! But seriously, this holiday ready ivory and red number will be making the rounds this Christmas, and will be tucked neatly away for holiday next year, too!


BeauBella a handmade UK brand crafted this lovely fleece scarf.

Our BeauBellaUTDK Scarf was a bargain find. It’s hard to order from overseas when you realize that the potential for your shipping cost to hit the same value as your item cost. YIKES. Did I hear someone say “IG Drone Delivery Service”?! Ha! Early on I won a cute pair of sweats from BeauBellaUTDK in a flatlay contest. Since they were coming anyway I ordered a couple smaller items to allow BeauBella to slip my winnings into a package already on it’s way to me. I snagged this scarf on sale from their last winter inventory and tucked it away for the holidays this year. It makes the perfect red accent and is made of soft fleece so Liam isn’t bothered with potential itchiness!!


Green AKidBrand sneaks with beaded accents.

Last but not least we have the feet. AKidBrand was completely forgien to me. In a land of Converse, moccasins, DrMartens and Timberlands for little baby feet I was happy to find some very cool styles to add to Liam’s footwear, just to help us mix it up a bit. I mean there are beads on these shoes, and the insoles are buttery soft leather – I wish more of my shoes felt as comfy as I image these to feel on Liam’s little stinkers. Bonus – I found that they sell their discounted items on Amazon, so those of you seeking a deal on some amazing quality footwear…

And just like that the story is over, folks. I’m sorry, that’s all I’ve got for OOTD today, but we’ll be back with more for you as the week moves forward.


Courtney & Liam






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