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Wire and Honey was the first brand we joined, followed closely by RadicalKidCo and EnVDenim

Wire and Honey was the first brand we joined, followed closely by RadicalKidCo and EnVDenim

Baby Brand Rep. What the heck is that? Am I right? So, I am going to tell you a little bit about how we started this whole adventure and give a couple tips on how you can get into it, too. And before you shove it off as an activity for babies under two, know that there are all kinds of brand repping opportunities to be had for toddlers, kiddos, preteens, angst ridden teens (LOL), moms, dads, even pets for goodness sake! So read on, loves!

Little RSV champ Liam getting ready to be sprung from Children's

Little RSV champ Liam getting ready to be sprung from Children’s

RSV. Yep, thats how I found Brand Repping. Liam got sick with RSV. We were taken by ambulance to from an ER near our home to Children’s Hospital in St. Paul and there I stayed with my little tiny Liam for the better part of a week while he was monitored. Well, whats a mom to do? Online shop of course, and check out Kim Zolciak’s cute babies on Facebook. Where the heck did she find all the rad  clothes they were always sporting? It sure wasn’t Baby Gap. Not that there is anything wrong with Baby Gap, don’t get me wrong, Baby Gap was a staple for my big boys gear back in the day. But really, Kim’s babies are always dressed in cute beanies and fun graphic tees… Oh her Facebook is linked to an Instagram… Oh, her instagram has tens of thousands of likes, and comments, yes the comments. Look here, someone posted that @JaxHoo (whoever that is) made the moccs Kia was wearing. I click the link and boom. @JaxHoo and guess who’s hooked. Yep, this girl.


Its the JaxHoo red bottoms I ordered after spying them on RHOA’s Kim Zolciak Biermann’s Facebook page

Who knew? No me, that’s for sure, but if you happen to find a photo on Instagram tagged with all kinds of shop pages clearly they are leading you to a place where you can purchase the indicated item, and my life got a whole lot better that Sunday in February. I found little Kia Biermann’s moccasin shop, I read the shop posts, I set an alarm for their upcoming sale, I ordered moccs. It was AH-MAZING! And we’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks Kim Zolciak Biermann.

So that’s how I found out I could score cool threads from neat small businesses on Instagram. And when my packages arrived I could dress little Liam to the nines, lay is baby butt on the floor and snap away happily while he looked quizzically and sometimes smiled (or passed gas, whatever). After all this I could load the photos to Instagram and tag the shops pictured, a tee from so-and-so, some pants from whats-her-name and a toy, we always include a toy or featured accessory.

One of our first posts... Liam in TrilogyDesignCo and SweetNSwag holding the toy he got at the hospital during our RSV stay

One of our first posts… Liam in TrilogyDesignCo and SweetNSwag holding the toy he got at the hospital during our RSV stay

Things started slowly. A few friends followed and then quickly unfollowed (don’t be offended when friends and family unfollow your brand rep page, cause it’s gonna happen). But as we interacted we found other moms doing what we were doing. People started liking the posts on our page, some were even commenting. And thus we felt encouraged to continue. We’ve grown a lot (literally Liam has gained 18 pounds) since we started this experience, and we are loving every minute of it.

“But how can I get started in Brand Repping and what really is it,” you ask? Well, if you are following any small businesses on Instagram you may see a post asking for followers to enter their “Brand Rep” search. This is a call for models, and not necessarily the professional kind. These businesses are looking for good quality photos from their “rep team” generally in exchange for product or deep product discount. They use the photos that you shoot wearing this product on their websites, in advertising, in magazines, on their blogs and of course on their social media platforms. It’s so easy to get going! If you love taking insetting and fun pics, and if you love styling your littles, your mediums, yourself or your pets (I mean there are cat brand reps, okay?!), then you need to grab your camera or your iPhone and get to it! Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Start a dedicated Instagram page.
  2. Find your niche by searching hashtags and seeking out shops whose brand you know you could rock.
  3. Interact with others, like and comment, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help from experienced reps. Some may not be willing, but many are more than happy to help.
  4. Make that first purchase from a shop you really love.
  5. Style your shoot using items you can tag from Instagram small shops, and know that it’s okay to mix in mainstream retailers too – I mean you can tag Baby Gap. I know, I’ve done it!
  6. Be consistent and post something everyday, even if  you have a photoshoot fail, grab a #tbt (Toss Back Tuesday or Throw Back Thursday) and get it posted to stay active.
  7. Find that search, that first Brand Rep search you want and go for it! Post it in your feed, follow the rules of entering and jump in with both feet. You got this! And if you aren’t picked that first time, try again until you find that “right fit” with a shop you love, who loves you right back!
  8. Stay positive, have fun, be you.

We are so excited to see what you do. Make sure to visit @LiamAdventures when you start your own Instagram Brand Rep page and let us know you’re “live” and ready to go. Wishing all those interested great success and know that we are always here to help.


Liam & Courtney ♥

 Links to Gallery Brands: Rebel & Heart, JaxHoo, RadicalKidCo, Popology_


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