#OODT Boy Next Door

All American. Blonde hair, blue eyes, dimple… If I hadn’t given birth to him (and if he didn’t look exactly like Brian) I wouldn’t believe he was my baby, but he is and he is totally The Boy Next Door.


Blue eyed Boy Next Door Liam!

If you haven’t noticed we are kind of obsessed with all things black and white. I could just constantly swoon over the super cute monochrome styles available for baby that didn’t exist when my big boys were littles. But they exist now and boy does it make this baby stylist’s heart happy. Clean crisp white, dark solid black… I die. Ha! But seriously, aren’t we all a little happy that someone figured out little boys needed better styles over the last ten years?! Yes!


NOXXaz Beanie goodness for your pleasure!

Obviously we are sporting a NOXXax beanie, which we do WAY more than any other beanies or hats. It’s not that we don’t love other brands, but Liam hates having things on his head and somehow the NOXXaz beanies seem to stay put with less fuss, which means happy baby, and happy mamrazzi! 10% off to try NOXXaz with code LIAMX

So there are times I have followed little cuties on Instagram because the are adorable and squishy and just the most photogenic littles ever, and that is how I found @Smiles.From.Nathan. IMG_4271 Well, to my happy surprise Nathan’s darling mama also makes scarves. She sells them directly from his Brand Rep IG and they are FABULOUS. In fact she made me one which matches Liam’s monochrome goodness shown here, and I. LOVE. IT. Not just for babies people!

There a few shops on IG that I have followed almost religiously from the beginning. @TrilogyDesignCo is one of them. They have edgy and awesome graphic tees, accessories and a few other goodies from time to time, and we can’t get enough. Liam’s Boy Next Door tee and dog tags are from Trilogy.


Boy Next Door sporting TrilogyDesignCo tee & tags

Honestly, if you aren’t following their designs on IG for your little, boy or girl, you need to scurry on over and check them out! Think cheeky tees, paired with distressed denim and timberlands. Rad.

These pants, OMG! So, relatively new on the scene is the leggings brand @BroolynAndFifth and we are thrilled to be repping their brand. They have created a design that is a hybrid between the baby harem pants (yes, just like MC Hammer, and literally we YouTubed this for Aiden and Colin to watch because Brian was so crazed that they didn’t know who MC Hammer – Mr. Harem Pants himself – was) and regular leggings. The resulting look is a slim lower leg and an on trend drop crotch upper. Check out the BrooklynAndFifth online shop here!


B+F Leggings. Primo!

Pumas are model’s own. LOL

Readers, we want to know, what are your fave items for toddlers and littles? How do you like to dress your kiddos best? Jammies all day everyday? Tutus too too much? Just like Liam? No judgement here and you’re welcome to mention your favorite brands or shops in the comments section!


Liam & Courtney


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