#OOTD Totally Tan


Liam sporting a tan ensamble featuring some awesome small shop brands and his PlanToys dino car!

Those of you who have followed us on Instagram since we started this little page in March of this year know that Liam (and by Liam we mean Courtney) has a preference for monochrome. Yes, we like to throw in some color and mix it up a bit, but we tend to gravitate towards the back and white. This is all well and good, but I couldn’t resist the items in todays OOTD (Outfit of The Day) in all of their chocolate, mocha, creamy deliciousness!

Snacking during our shoot!

Snacking during our shoot!

We couldn’t adore our NOXXaz beanies any more than we already do, but we try often! You can find all the great items NOXXaz has to offer by navigating to their Etsy. Beanies for newborn to adult and everyone in between. They also make turbans and bows for the ladies!

These boots, though!!

These boots, though!! and this sweater!!

Liam’s tiny little mocc boots are from Gracious May. They focus mainly on items for little girls, but they have a small selection of styling moccs for baby and toddler boys, too. This pair in their new fall color, Espresso, are BEAUTIFUL and wear wonderfully.

Who doesn’t love a deal. Mum, this girl! Yep, I know my husband hates it because I’m not really saving any money if I’m spending ANY money, but I LOVE a good deal. Liam’s PetitLem sweater was purchased during a super sale from ShopDinkys when we first started shopping Instagram back in the spring. Of course it was a huge size for my little tiny peanut, but I tucked it away and am so glad that I snagged it when I did.

A little pattern never hurt anyone and in this OOTD I threw some in there with Liam’s camo, reversible infinity scarf from HugMeSew. I love all of our IG shops, but I have to tell you, the things that HugMeSew creates, the handmade leggings, bibdanas, scarves and more…. I am always blown away by their fit and quality. We can’t get enough! Plus it doesn’t hurt that they are uber stylish and comfortable to wear!

A touch of Camo and a PlanToysUSA Dino Car... The perfect splash of pattern and color!

A touch of Camo and a PlanToysUSA Dino Car… The perfect splash of pattern and color!

These harem pants… Okay, so I know that there is a whole trend to upcycling, and Joyaltee is on the front end creating cool, one of a kind harem pants from upcycled tee shirts. I mean, seriously, an old concert tee across the bum of a little diaper bottomed toddler… Can you say, “EEEEEEK!” So stinking cute! We love that these items are made from something which might have been completely discarded, and that they are given new life in such a cool piece for little legs to show off.

So… We threw a little mocha styling your way this morning and now that I am sure you are all craving coffee, grab your own mocha and click the links to check out the cool shops that I combined to create Liams OOTD.





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