Friday Night, I’m OK With It

Delicious beverage for most Friday nights of the past!

Delicious beverage for most Friday nights of the past!

I used to go out all the time. I think there was a stretch in college where Jessie Tyson and I visited Sally’s for like 28 evenings in a row. Jill Dauska, I think you were there for a lot of it, too. Bahahaha! But seriously I lived for the weekends, which consisted of Wednesday through Saturday nights. I thought about it this afternoon: It’s Friday night and I have nowhere to go. And really I’m okay with it.

It’s funny how things change. And how they change at different paces for two parts of the same couple. Brian and I used to love a good night out. Dinner, drinks, dancing – well, me dancing and Brian pretty much bopping quietly to the music. It was so much fun to be out in Minneapolis, or even at places like Billy’s on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. I rarely go out anymore.

I stopped “going out” as much when I got pregnant with Aiden. That is pretty much a given as there would be no more alcohol for at least nine months! Oh, sure, I’ve enjoyed a good time or ten since then, but they are planned events, more structured and many surround parent parties for the kid’s school or other “functions” that require us to be grown ups – no more boozie nights on the town.

Brian took longer to catch up to me and my avoidance of Mama G.’s and Champps. Truly I prefer a nice glass of wine at a better establishment, but even that seems like work. My God I would have to get dressed, in actual clothing, which means no Lululemon. And seriously, I would have to brush my hair. I literally have no time to brush my hair, let alone actually wash it! And a babysitter, which would cost money. All in all, by the end of it, I’m more tired by the time I leave the house to go out than I would have been sitting home ALL night.

And remember how LATE we used to go out? Tammy, you remember for sure because we used to share the mirror on the third floor of Gamma Phi to get ready, a lot. I was talking to my niece last Friday and asked what she was up to over the weekend. She told me she and her friend were going to a house party. “Oh, a house party,” I said, “Fun, I remember house parties! What time are you going over to the party?” “Well, it doesn’t start until 10pm…” Whaaaaa, 10pm? I would have been hoping for at least two hours sleep by that time of night. No, no, I’m in by 10pm. I’ve missed midnight the last three New Year’s in a row. How in God’s name did I used to go out at 10pm? Ugh, makes me sleepy thinking about it!

Last week Brian and I took a few hours together and had dinner at Gianni’s in Wayzata (delicious BTW). At the end of our dinner and in the middle of checking out the chick with the shoulder cutouts in her shirt and the super old guy she was on a first date with, Brian and I looked at each other and said, “Let’s go home.” We are so old, so boring!

Delicious drinks of Friday night present - at least it has a good name, boob...

Delicious drinks of Friday night present – at least it has a good name, boob…

And yet I reiterate, I am okay with it. I think when I look at what I’ve traded for boozie parties and dancing until dawn I know growing up has all been worth it. I have a home, a loving husband, three beautiful boys and we all have health (knock on wood). I’m totally fine grabbing a bottled water and scrunching up on the couch to watch Annie or The Aadams family with Aiden and Colin.

Even though things have changed, and I’m completely under-dressed, still in jammies from last night, and I have nowhere to go, I’m okay with it. But should you want to visit for a while over a drink, maybe middle of the day, Sally’s is still there and I wouldn’t necessarily say no.



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