MOM, The Baby Smells Like Cheese

Liam in a Puj

Liam in a Puj

I am totally guilty of not bathing my baby. And sometimes he gets a little ripe. Lucky, I have found help.

Okay, so to understand why I have resisted bathing Liam on a daily basis we have to regress a bit. When I  brought my baby Aiden home over nine years ago I was totally committed to doing EVERYTHING exactly like I thought it should be done. He was bathed daily, and even with all the washing and moisturizing he flaked! His skin literally peeled off. The top of his cute little head was a mess and his baby acne was relentless. I considered resorting to Proactiv (of course I never did use something so harsh on his baby skin, but I was temped)! We were purchasing and using so much of it, I should have bought stock in Aquafor.

Why was he so peely? Why was his delicious skin so icky?! The same thing happened with Colin. About a month into Colin being home I quit bathing him. A little out of necessity and a little out of laziness (I admit). Of course I cleaned out his neck rolls and wiped behind his ears and in his little folds and kept his diaper area clean, but he was only submerged about once a month. His skin became clear and naturally moisturized. It was a miracle! Note to self, don’t bathe the baby so much.

Liam has enjoyed a few baths, but Aiden is constantly telling me that the baby smells like cheese. I told him cheese is made from milk and the milk that sets on Liam’s breath and along the collar of his onesies sure might smell like cheese from time to time. He can get a little ripe and I actually (and a bit shamefully) don’t mind at all. I love the smell of his stinky little toes and I can often find bits of lint clenched in his tiny hands!

Like Colin, I keep Liam clean by sponge bathing him, wiping his baby folds etc… While on a recent visit to Galleria I was chatting with the ladies at Blue Mercury who were cooing over Liam and asking all kinds of questions. “His skin is so nice,” they were all saying. I told them that I rarely bathe him, I just wipe him down. One of them suggested a newer product (not one I recall from Aiden’s baby days) by Mustela. It is the PhysiObebe No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid. Wheeee, what a great product!

PhysiObeb - Get yours by clicking HERE

PhysiObeb – Get yours by clicking HERE

Okay, first of all it smells wonderful. It is light and fresh and leaves baby smelling completely clean. Simply pump some of the liquid onto a washcloth (I have used my Gerber diaper/burp-cloths for this, too – and BTW using Gerber diapers as burp-cloths will be a post for another day) and wipe away the stale milk, linty hands, stinky toes and ishy diaper area. Voila, clean baby! And you keep baby’s skin from getting overly dry by avoiding the constant baby washing.

You can’t go wrong with Mustela products for baby. They are free of chemicals and are tested to be hypoallergenic. The Mustela gift set includes a bottle of PhysiObebe and a few of their other most popular baby products – if you don’t have a newborn baby of your own right now this would make a great gift for other babies in your life!

Mestela's Newborn Gift Set gives you a great variety of Mustela brand baby products in one neat package!

Mustela’s Newborn Gift Set gives you a great variety of Mustela brand baby products in one neat package!

My other must-have find for bath-time, post Aiden and Colin, has been the Puj baby bathtub. Okay, this thing is great! It fits into most sinks and allows you to have both hands free as baby nestles neatly into the seat which is formed when the Puj is folded. It rinses clean and I simply hang it in my shower too dry and return it to Liam’s closet when not in use. It unfolds for easy storage against a wall or under a crib. Wish I would have thought of this! The bath slings and tubs I had for the older boys lasted a very short while before they mildewed or became just plain gross and were tossed.

An unfolded Puj bathtub - get yours HERE

An unfolded Puj bathtub – get yours HERE

So, now you know the secret to my Liam’s pretty skin – he doesn’t bathe regularly (having Brian’s genes doesn’t hurt, either)! So if you want to keep baby’s skin looking like new, stay out of the water and consider trying out Mutela’s PhysiObebe. And when you do need to bathe baby, really, the Puj is awesome!

All in all I hope the advice helps you avoid hearing from a random stranger that your baby smells like cheese!



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